NIC_5293In 2013 the Coventry Agricultural Society established the “Right to farm” ordinance in the town of Coventry.

Our Mission

  • Promote Agriculture in Coventry, CT and surrounding towns.
  • Advocate for farmers.
  • Provide education and awareness on agricultural activities and topics.
  • Network with agricultural operators, UConn Extension and other agricultural organizations.

Our Goals

  • Educate the public with regards to agriculture.
  • Create a network of agriculture operators.
  • Create a database to identify all agriculture operators.
  • Put all agriculture activity operators in touch with knowledge resources.
  • Explore avenues for marketing “Coventry Grown” products.
  • Advocate for individuals with issues that may arise from their agricultural activity.
  • Help promote farmland/open space preservation by encouraging the Town of Coventry to support and promote the “Open Space Fund”.
  • Review existing regulations pertaining to agricultural uses (PZC & Inland Wetlands) to help make the process more user-friendly and help maintain these regulations for agricultural operators.
  • Help individuals establish their farm business with the State to be formal and beneficial to the agricultural operators.